A (hopefully) actively maintained activity-based-autosorted list of InfoSec Streamers

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Useful Resources

Link Description Type
The Taggart Institute The Taggart Institute exists to provide low-cost high-quality technology training to everyone in a welcoming, supportive community. Educational Content
TryHackMe TryHackMe - Learn Penetration Testing Skills. Hands-On Hacking
Over the Wire: The Bandit The Bandit is a wargame aimed at beginners. You will learn the basics to play other wargames. Hands-On Hacking
HackTheBox HackTheBox - Learn Penetration Testing Skills. Hands-On Hacking
GTFOBins Quick shell one-liners. Hacking Reference
HackTricks Tricks and Techniques. Hacking Reference
Awesome CTF A curated list of Capture The Flag (CTF) frameworks, libraries, resources, softwares, and tutorials. CTF Tools
CrackStation Online hash cracking. CTF Tools
CyberChef The Cyber swiss army knife for analysing/encoding/decoding data. CTF Tools
dCode dCode is a toolkit website for decryption, ciphertexts. CTF Tools
Hackvertor Online converter, decoder, encoder, hashing, and various other tools. CTF Tools
ExplainShell Bash shell command explanation. Shell Tools
Hack-Tools (Chrome | Firefox) Chrome and Firefox Hacking Tools Add-ons. Shell Tools
PenTest.WS Pentest Engagement Utility. Shell Tools
RevShells Reverse Shell Command Generator. Shell Tools
SS64 Commandline Reference. Shell Tools
Infosec House Tools and Resources for CyberSecurity Operations. Hacking Resources
RawSec An inventory of tools and resources about CyberSecurity. Hacking Resources